New projects

In 2014, I was awarded a scholarship to participate in the inaugural Novel in a Year workshop at the Madison Writer's Studio in Madison, Wisconsin.  The workshop was taught by Susanna Daniel, author of Stiltsville (Harper 2010) and Sea Creatures (Harper 2013), and was a life-changing experience

I produced a full-length Young Adult novel titled The Feral Girls Were Here during my time with the Studio, and during a writing residency at the Kimmel Harding Nelson Center for the Arts in Nebraska in August 2015.  The Feral Girls Were Here is currently being shopped to literary agents, and I've started work on a sequel titled Ferox Fera

Check out a synopsis of TFGWH below, or visit me on my writing blog. 

THE FERAL GIRLS WERE HERE is a realistic Young Adult Novel that follows Bridget Dreyer through her junior year of high school.  It is the year following her grandmother’s death; Bridget’s family is in tumult without Gram, and Bridget doesn’t trust anyone but her sister, Maggie. Not her mom, who buries herself in graduate work and spends her nights obsessively cleaning; not her dad, who commutes to another city each week for work and is never around; and certainly not her former rowing partner, Colleen, who knows all of her secrets and isn’t speaking to her.  The only safe place for Bridget is in the middle of a workout, where you’re supposed to be in pain, and she avoids everything and everyone else. Including Grant, a disarming newcomer with secrets of his own, who has an annoying tendency to turn up everywhere Bridget wants to be—on the rowing team, in her art class, and in the boat she wants desperately to race.  As Maggie pulls away and Bridget grapples with her grief and loneliness, a mysterious map arrives in the mail—a message from Gram—forcing Bridget to choose between being safe and alone, and trusting someone new with the biggest secret of all.

"MUSCLE MEMORY" | Maisonneuve Magazine, Issue 24, June 2007.

"You can’t perform a single calculation to prove what you know, but already you understand that rowing is physics. Boatworks up and down the east coast spend years and staggering sums of money to develop contoured blades, lighter shells, aerodynamic riggers, because a rowing race is really a simple physics problem: which boat can cover 2,000 metres the fastest? Speed = Distance ÷ Time. Cutting-edge equipment is made to shear tenths of seconds from the 2,000-metre speeds of ideal crews, those phantom boats manned by perfect rowers who are not human but parts in a machine.

Clean speed, if you can attain it, is about simplicity, and it can make you, in some way, beautiful."

Other publications

“Double Life.” Sou’wester, Fall 2009.

“Fifteen, Sixteen, Seventeen.” The Journal, Volume 32, Number 1, Spring/Summer 2008: 58-71.

“You Are Here.” Threepenny Review, Summer 2007.

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