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Available from Coffee House Press, May 2014.

"In this book, Erinn and Laura extend their reach and offer an invaluable roadmap devoted to inviting more people to get creative with their libraries. An especially engaging feature of the book is it’s inclusive conception of who artists are. Dilettantes and professionals, performers and hobbyists, DIY devotees and tinkerers, crafters and poets, kids and grownups—all are  welcome in The Artist’s Library, just as they are welcome in libraries everywhere. In the pages of this book, this welcoming perspective is front and center as they provide guidance and ideas for using libraries as sources for collaboration, creation, and community connection."  --Jessica Pigza

Librarians and authors Jessica Pigza, Laura Damon-Moore, and Erin Batykefer talk about libraries as places to inspire artists and artwork before leading a project in the ACC library.


“In [The Artist's Library], Laura and Erinn share some artistic projects that prove today’s library isn’t the shushing environment you may remember from first grade. . . . Maybe that’s not quite how you’ve always thought of libraries, but that’s exactly what the Incubator Project hopes to change.” —Midwest Living

“Librarians Damon-Moore and Batykefer (cofounders, with Christina ­Endres, Librarian as Incubator Project [LaIP]) have succeeded in producing a guide that benefits artists, librarians, and all creative learners. Libraries and the people who work in and visit them can be an immense resource for building and inspiring creativity, no matter the media in which one works.” Library Journal

“This quirky and imaginative book celebrates individuals’ potential for creativity and libraries as vital and vibrant community resources.” Kirkus

“The Artist’s Library: A Field Guide is the best kind of self-help book—the library providing intellectual and artistic growth on a personal level.”NewPages

Available from ALA Editions in 2014, this handbook includes a chapter by Erinn Batykefer titled MAKING | ART: A Flexible Model for Teen Services, plus:

  • A comprehensive introduction to the background and day-to-day realities of teen librarianship
  • Expert tips and wisdom invaluable to those already working with teens
  • Trends, challenges, and opportunities in the changing world of how teens interact with libraries, and what they expect
  • Advocacy across all spectrums, including in local communities and among fellow staff who may be anxious about teens in the library
  • Guides staff in providing readers' advisory to teens
  • Ready-to-use marketing resources, templates, and sample teen services and teen volunteer plans

Anyone who works with young adults will benefit from the thorough coverage provided by this volume's expert contributors.

Other Publications in Print and Online

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More interviews with Erinn and the LAIP team can be found on the Library as Incubator Project Press page.

If you're interested in scheduling a conference presentation, webinar, or workshop with the Library as Incubator Project, or if you'd like to be in touch with Erinn about professional opportunities at your library or arts organization, please visit the Contact page.