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— Claire C.

Winner of the 2008 Benjamin Saltman First Book Prize from Red Hen Press.

"Close to the bone, Erinn Batykefer's poems -- sharp-edged as O'Keeffe's paintings, skeletons visible and harrowing -- are harsh and devastating torrents of rage, love, and misdirected desire. Poems tangle with a grandfather's murder, a family's violence, the wildness of sex, love indulged or denied, scouring to bedrock any easy assumptions. Her poems are floodwaters, her poems are the river's skin after rain. Necessary and vibrant, they help us savor our flawed and damaged world. Here is an important new voice in American poetry."   --Peggy Shumaker

Other recent publications in print and online

"Noiseless, Patient" in Flash Glass2017. Read this prose poem online

"The Mermaids" in Cahoodaloodaling, Issue 23, Spring 2017. Read this poem online

"Orange Peel Epithalamium," "Vestigial Epithalamium," and "Maiden Voyage Epithalamium," in Blinders Journal, Issue 2.2, Spring 2016.  Read the poems here. 

"Two Bees" in Zone 3, Spring 2016. Winner of the Zone 3 Poetry Award.  Read this poem online. 

"On Encroaching Blindness" in Razor, Issue 2. Read this poem online.  Includes a Before the Razor feature on how this poem was written, which took eight years. 

"Cold Dark Matter Epithalamium," "Needlework Epithalamium," and "Parallel Universe Epithalamium," in Lockjaw Magazine, Vol. 3. Read these poems online.

"My first real boyfriend was a cadaver" nominated for a Pushcart Prize by the editors at Off the Coast. 

"The Razor in the Apple" and "They May Only Go Where They're Bid" in Blackbird, Fall 2015, v. 14 n. 2.  Read these poems online. 

"My first real boyfriend was a cadaver" and "Fish in a Squirrel Suit" in Off the Coast, Summer Issue 2015. Read "My first real boyfriend was a cadaver" online.

“The First of the Year” and “Not Jane-Who-Waits” in Nimrod International Journal, Vol. 54, No. 2, Spring/ Summer 2011, p. 162, 163.

“Love Letter with Broken Glass and Household Chemicals” and “The Poet’s Mother on Beauty and Etiquette,” The Bellingham Review Vol. XXXIV Issue 63, Spring 2011, p. 46, & 47.

“Spiderbaby” in a Mid-American Review Vol. XXXI No. 1, p. 32.

“The Curator I” in Fugue, Issue 39, Summer-Fall 2010, p. 138.  Read this poem online. 

"Epithalamium: Necrophilia" in Devil's Lake (Online). Spring 2010. Read the poem online.

“How the River Reckons Time,” “At the Mouth of the Maze,” “Simultaneity,” and “Mordant” in Whiskey Island Review, Issue 58, 2010, p 50-54.

"Red, Red, Red," and "Epithalamium: August 24th, Herculaneum" in Connotation Press: An Online Artifact (Online), Issue IV Vol. II, January 2010. Read the poems online.

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